How to add a Leaderboard link to the hamburger menu?

I have a question about Solver plugin and Leaderboard plugin

about how to add stats to user stats and badges

about the Leaderboard, how to make it visible to users, where is it in the menu, if i need self add it , where i can do that ?

what i need to-do for make visible to users /leaderboard
or i need some how add it to menu ? if yes , how ?

I would recommend following the

:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


For per leaderboard permission settings you can visit /admin/plugins/gamification

where it put /leaderboard?

how i can find it from user side at menu ? button what go to it after enable.

or i need self create it ? but where and how .

Like this


and maybe another qustion , how i can purge
if it was deleted , and recreated.

Links to leaderboards are available at /admin/plugins/gamification. This is obviously only available to admins, and there is no public link by default.

As you pointed out here, you would need to build it yourself or reach out to someone at #marketplace

There is not an option to reset or reuse leaderboard ids, it will always increment by 1.

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You can use the Custom hamburger menu links theme component to add a link to each leaderboard to your hamburger menu. :+1:


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