How to show a leaderboard in right sidebar component?

What’s the trick to getting the leaderboard plugin to display on the right sidebar component? Is there something we are missing?

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That seems good to me. :+1: (as long as that’s the id of the leaderboard you want to include :slight_smile:). You also need to save using the green tick after saving the changes in the editor, which I think has caught a few people out:

(Also checking to see that the theme component has been added to your theme gets me quite often too :slight_smile:)

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Yeah, we’ve done all that and can see other blocks we’ve added, just not the leaderboard.

We think we need to update the version of Discourse (currently running 2.9.0.beta9).

Could there be anything else we can try?

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I’ve tried a few misconfigurings to try and break it, but it seems to be working fine on my test site. My site is on the latest version (as of this morning) so updating yours may help. :+1:

Can you access that leaderboard through its own page?

Great, we’ll try upgrading and see if that works :crossed_fingers:

Yes, we can access the leaderboard through its own page.

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The Discourse version itself doesn’t affect this, but it’s a likely indicator that the gamification plugin hasn’t been updated recently. This feature was added to that plugin over the past 10 days or so.


I can confirm that the upgrade worked, and we can now see the leaderboard in the right sidebar component :partying_face: :raised_hands:

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