How to add a loading page, some like Gmail?

How to add a loading page, some like Gmail?


Let me ask you? Why would you want to do that. It is a huge turn off for me, if I see that sort of thing in any of the forums I visit

I did not find a solution in the forum.
I need this because the discourse load takes a long time.

If you really need a “Loading, please wait…” page, certantly something is wrong in your site or your server is very busy or with too little RAM.

Try to understand why your site is slow before anything else.


Let’s not cover up the basic problem your site have. We the entire community will try to help you. In an average, as far I have seen discourse only takes about 8 seconds to load the entire site.

I would like to get answers to a few questions I ask you below. So that, I or any other good member in this community can help you.

  1. Which hosting provider you are with?
  2. Which plan?
  3. How many GB’s of RAM?
  4. Have you followed the discourse supported docker install. (If the answer for this question is no, please try to install using the supported Install method)

I have tried on the local server, but still slow to load

How are you running the local server? And on what OS? If you’re running in development mode there will be a lot of optimisations disabled!

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My server is KVM vps, RAM 4gb free 1.3gb, BW is 100mbpe

UB 16.04

Whats the development mode?

Discourse is a JavaScript application that runs on the client, first load time is never going to be its strong suit. It is competitive but it will never lead the pack in this area. This trade off is made so subsequent loads are incredibly fast as only minimal JSON is transmitted over the wire for each subsequent action after first load.

If that is a problem for you, I suggest choosing different software.


I just want a loading page, have a loading page will look better.

This is my site test

Running that same test against this site returns similar results, so there’s probably nothing wrong with your setup. It’s a trade-off, as @codinghorror said. There’s plenty of discussion about this in all of the threads you linked to.


Maybe you are right. Thx

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