How to add a user on private forum when local login is disabled?


I have my private company forum configured to exclusively use Google oauth2 login, so the “enable local logins” has been disabled. (Because I only want people with a Google apps company email account to be able to access the forum)

However, how am I supposed to add a new user? The send invites button on the users page doesn’t do anything and I can’t find another place to add a user. I’ve tried adding my company domains to the “email domains whitelist” but that didn’t help. When the user tries to login with his Google apps company account it just says “Sorry, access to this forum is by invite only.”

What did I miss?

(I’m on version 1.2.0)

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I don’t think you want Invite Only there. You have an odd set of settings selected.

Thanks! disabling the invite only setting solved it. :smiley:

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