How to add categories

(Emma Furtado) #1

where can I define categories on my instance?


(cpradio) #2

Go to /categories, to the right of the navigation is a menu, Create Category should be in it.


Have a read through some of the topics in the #howto section – they’ll guide you through a lot of this setup stuff.


I have the latest version of Discourse. I’m getting it organized before launching it to the public. The option to add new categories is missing. I follow the instructions:
" To add a category, visit the categories page , then click Create Category at the upper right."
There is no “Create Category” button so I’m at a dead end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Joe) #5

While on the Categories page, click this button and you should see the New Category button.


Aw, sadly that button never existed in my instance. I am in bootstrap mode still of that might be a factor.


(Joe) #7

You’re on the latest page. That button only shows up on the categories page. You get to the categories page by clicking on this:


Incredible! That solved my problem. Thank you for getting me unstuck :pray:t2: