How to add categories

where can I define categories on my instance?


Go to /categories, to the right of the navigation is a menu, Create Category should be in it.


Have a read through some of the topics in the #howto section – they’ll guide you through a lot of this setup stuff.


I have the latest version of Discourse. I’m getting it organized before launching it to the public. The option to add new categories is missing. I follow the instructions:
" To add a category, visit the categories page , then click Create Category at the upper right."
There is no “Create Category” button so I’m at a dead end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

While on the Categories page /categories, click this button and you should see the New Category button.

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Aw, sadly that button never existed in my instance. I am in bootstrap mode still of that might be a factor.


You’re on the latest page. That button only shows up on the categories page. You get to the categories page by clicking on this:


Incredible! That solved my problem. Thank you for getting me unstuck :pray:t2:


I don’t see that button.

Looks like you aren’t an admin, only admins can add categories as I recall.

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and how do I add a number to the new category?

Do you mean the number that appears at the end of the URL? I wish it could be changed but as far as I know it’s assigned automatically.

No I meant to add a number to the specific category - I want to create a post in category “78” and that would mean the post is in the “Instagram” category

Your question still isn’t clear, sorry.


You could take the category ID from the URL and edit the category title to contain it, eg “78. Instagram”.

The URL goes to the category page.

I think the category ID just auto increments so you can’t just pick a number (as far as I know).

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Sorry, you’re right. I had to create the category and edit its number in the discourse bootstrap database.

And yes, Jonathan5. That worked perfectly. Thank you!

I’m not saying I’ve got OCD but I’d be interested in hearing how to do this…

Well after installing the discourse local development for ubuntu and running the rails db:create and rails db:migrate, I ran the server rails s

Then I went into discourse localhost and created a category with my admin account

After that I logged into pgadmin and within the discourse_development database I opened the categories table, and there was my new category with an id of 3 (I think) - I just changed that id to 78 and saved

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So it’s just a matter of changing the id in the categories table? Tempted.

Might there be any unintended consequences?

Is there any significance to the fact that Uncategorised=1, Staff=3, Lounge=4 etc?

Would URLs anywhere (eg within the text of posts) need to be recreated?


I haven’t really seen any backfires so far but I havent used the app for too long either. I’m sorry, I can’t answer your questions. Maybe someone can chip in?

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