Can’t create new category

After the latest update. I am not able to create a new category on my discourse forum.

At what point in the category creation process are you running into an issue? Is there a button missing? an error?


Sorry for the late response.

There is no error. The button is there but not active. I am currently using the latest version of Discourse.

Please review the screenshot : Screenshot 135 - Itsmyshot

I unfortunately wasn’t able to reproduce this on a fresh discourse install.

So it could be worth checking out if the issue persists in safe mode as well, since this may be some interference with a specific theme or theme component present on your site.

you can enable safe mode by adding safe-mode to the end of your site URL and navigating to the same step.


@weallwegot ,

I’ve currently using the modified theme. Now, I’ve reverted all modifications. The Problem not anymore.

Thank you very much for your support.

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