How to add customs icon with Category Icons Theme components now that we can't upload files into TC

I’ve updated the (amazing, that should be in core) theme component that add icon to categories, and as usual the file with all my custom SVG has been erased, but this time I could not re-upload it.

Now, the UI says :

Fichiers supplémentaires

Exportez le thème ou vérifiez le dépôt Git pour voir ces fichiers.

  • discourse/connectors/category-title-before/category-icon-template.hbs
  • discourse/initializers/category-icons.js

Sorry that’s in French, but the point is, I can’t re upload the file anymore.

Do I have to fork the theme component for my own usage ? I do manage multiple forums, do I have to fork it once for each instance ? Is there an other way ?

If I do have to do that, could someone provide a step by step tutorial for «how to fork a TC and just tweak stuff» ? Because git and github are still some kind of dark magic to me (and maybe to others).

I really miss the time I could just tweak a TC directly in the interface.

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I understand your frustration, but I think the web interface at github may let you fork and edit more easily than you think, though pulling upstream changes may be a chore.

Depending on your changes, you may be able to create another theme component that adds them?

Thanks a lot !
I hadn’t realized yet that I could add the file $icons-sprite: icons.svg to any other selfmade component, and that would still work with the category icons TC.


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