How to add quote link below the posts?

How do we add a link with text Quote before Reply?

You can’t quote entire posts in discourse.
If you try to do so, the system will remove the quote.

Edit: Read replies below, the information is incorrect.

I think you are almost correct. There is a setting remove full quote for “Automatically remove full quotes on direct replies” (default true). Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to the question though.

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I wonder what happens to this one. Is it a “direct reply” now that there’s a reply between your post and this one? Edit: it seems not, and this rings a bell – it just tidies up full quotations to avoid the duplication directly after the first appearance.

Ok so I’m quoting your post in it’s entirety, let’s see if system removes this.

So system didn’t remove when I quoted full post.

Yes, probably because meta has the setting disabled

And for the button that you requested can be easily integrated with a custom theme component because quoting is natively supported in discourse as well as additional buttons.

That is the case. Only direct quotes would be removed. I’ve edited my first reply. Thanks