Bug when making a quote


I have a discourse hosted with enterprise plan. Our community member found a strange bug, If you quote someone and write something underneath it and post it. The quote disappears and only the added comment is posted.

It also seems like it is removed afterwards and the “post has been edited button appears.”

@rishabh @sam

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This can be reproduced everytime. Our discourse is located here: https://keskustelut.inderes.fi/

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That’s an expected default behavior (which can be changed by an admin in setting):


Oh ok! hows this feature thought to serve the purpose :D? like whats the idea behind this? If someone wants to quote and write something why would the quote be removed :D? Everyone in our team thought it was a bug xD

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The feature definition is available here: Removal of full quotes from direct replies


Yes, it is considered bad form to quote the entire post directly above yours… why add that duplication to the stream… it’s noise for all future readers.

(This rule does not apply to partial quotes.)


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