How to add whatsapp in the share button list next to facebook

Hi guys, alot of my forum users use whats app and I was wondering if there if whatsapp share button is on discourse as I cant find it or do I have to add it

Please check: Social Share Component

Also, on Android we default to the OS share dialog which includes Whatsapp if installed.


Hey thank you so much for quick reply I will check this out,so all I do is install the plugin?

Yes, and no :slight_smile:

This is a Theme Component, not a plugin - you can read about the Themes in the new guide: Beginner's guide to using Discourse themes

It is easier to incorporate into your site


Ok one more question I think - lol With this theme will I still be able to recreate and maintain my existing look

Yes you can. If you add it as a theme component to your current active theme.


Thanks for your help guys all of you… I will have a play around and see what I will learn from the info and links :slight_smile:

Update manage to add the whatsapp link and it works a treat thanks! so easy to do just one issue… when I click on the share button the popup share box appears way down the page and not around the Share Link icon, I have attached a screenshot.


I managed to find the CSS and move the position of the sharebox but the problem is if you scroll down or have a long topic and then click on the share link, the share popup box does not display in the current screen view but up top 265px from the top of the page not the page position.

I believe that is because the javascript calculates the position so I am wondering where I can amend this