Share button not working on my site?

A user of mine just pointed out this error, which I also got on my end when trying to share any topic:

Error: the ‘share-topic’ modal needs updating to work with the latest version of Discourse. See Converting modals from legacy controllers to new DModal component API.

As a new user of Discourse, what’s the easiest way to fix this? I went to that link, but this is a new forum install and the link leads to a topic from 2023.

which share modal do you mean? can you please provide more information and a screenshot if possible so we can reproduce?

When I click the share icon on any of the posts.
EDIT: oh, the irony. An admin message just popped up on my site saying:

[Admin Notice] One of your themes or plugins needs updating for compatibility with upcoming Discourse core changes. (id:discourse.modal-controllers) Identified theme: ‘redditish’.

But when I check for updates on that theme, it says, “Theme is up-to-date, last checked: just now”

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Generally if something works in safe mode you can assume the issue is with your theme or customisations.

In order to get helpful responses to your questions you should post as much debugging info as possible - generally any console errors.


Ok, where do I find console errors? So, the sharing actually still works, unless I have “Disable unofficial client-side plugin customizations” checked in safe-mode. If I leave the other options checked but uncheck that, it still works. Soon as I disable the other 2 and leave that one checked, it stops working. So, it’s something with “unofficial client-side plugin customizations” I guess

Yup, that stands to reason!

At the risk of sounding dismissive, if you want to hack around with themes you’re going to need to learn some basics. Google and meta searches are your friend. If that’s not feasible, I’d stick to official themes, components and plugins or hire someone to get you set up.