How to adjust topics so they load in a modal?

Ideally I’d like topics to show up in a modal sliding in from the right side, while the category view is still shown in the background.

Similar to the old Product Hunt layout, or the reddit iPad app layout ( ) - or a similar view to Outlook/email clients.

Basically I’d like to prevent a page change on topic view, I want to show the topic in the right half of the screen, while still showing the category overview in a list view on the left side.

Is this possible - how would I attempt this?

What are you calling “threads”? There is no such thing in :discourse:

Topics - where the content of a topic is displayed. I’d like to display it in a modal, while the category view is still active.

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Hi mastef welcome to the forum

Kind of what Safari does with “open in split view”?

Thank you

Yes, something pretty similar would be nice. How would you attempt to do it?

I saw that when a topic is loaded there’s obviously a json call - but the rendering already happens with an ember view I guess, right? Which events are fired? Is this something that would be feasible to implement provided there must be additional listeners per topic.

This sounds like a modification that would require a lot of engineering to build. Do you really, really need that and have a sizeable budget for it? If not, I don’t think you will get very far :frowning:

Thanks, I’m an engineer. Modding is a passion :rofl:

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