Way to view latest topics by category on desktop?

I really like the way the mobile categories page is set out, showing a selection of topics for each category. I like it so much that I’ve been switching to mobile view on my desktop, which obviously makes the spacing a bit screwy.

Is it possible to customize the desktop categories page so it shows the latest topics by category? Something like the hastily pasted-together example below.

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We have multiple category page styles available on desktop (in the admin site setting called desktop category page style) the option called Categories with Featured Topics is the most similar to the mobile layout.


Thank you! If we want to edit the category page templates on our Discourse install, is that advisable? Or will it break updates or have other undesirable effects?

EDIT: after looking around some more, I guess this is the sort of thing we would need a plugin for.


You can achieve that with a theme component. Easier to remove if it starts to cause issues. Generally avoid changing Templates as much as possible and try to use CSS or DOM manipulation with JavaScript (eg jQuery or native equivalent) if you can.

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