How to align an alphabet on letter avatar profile to the center?

letter avatar sizes on my forum are 2-3 times bigger than ones on discourse meta forum, which I think makes the letter align a little to the right. I haven’t made any change to the letter_avatar.rb: discourse/letter_avatar.rb at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

letter avatar from my forum (120x120, 2KB):

letter avatar from meta discourse (120x120, 683 bytes) :

can anyone tell me how to align to the center or how to reduce the image size if you think the bigger size makes the alphabet align to the right?

That’s strange! It looks like a different font entirely. Here’s the F avatar from Meta for comparison:


Is your forum public? can you share a link here?


I thought I could fix this problem by tweaking forum admin settings and was wondering if I could use some help here. and now it turns out to be a problem with the imagemagick command line. I have containerized version of Forum up and running by composing dockerfile. when I tried the imagemagick command, I got a profile image with the letter a little to the right. so I’m going to make a change to a version of imagemagick. thanks for your help!

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