How to allows members to invite others

I would like to allow members to invite their colleagues to our community,

I have tried impersonating a regular user and there doesn’t seem to be a way for users to be able to invite another member. How can this be done? is there a setting i need to apply?

Currently anyone can signup, but all accounts have to be approved by a staff member before access is granted (Not sure if this is what is stopping users from seeing the invite button)

You must be trust level 2 to earn the invite ability.


As I mentioned I impersonated several regulars and now members too and nobody is able to invite anyone. Is it a setting I need to enable?

Wait, really? I am impersonating level 1 users and am able to send invites. Can this be changed via a setting?

I’ll add a link to the How to send, configure, and accept invites to a Discourse site guide for future reference. :+1:

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