User Invite not visible to "min TL to allow invite"

Trust Level 2 users are not able to invite users nor can they see the invite menu


TL 2 User:




Any ideas ?

I did a quick test of this on my local install that’s running the latest Discourse code. On my site, when the min trust level to allow invite setting is set to its default value of Trust Level 2, users can send invites and the invite link is included in the user menu.

Do you have the must approve users setting enabled on your site? When that setting is enabled, only staff members can send invites.


The site does have this setting on. :confused:

It would be nice if TL2 members can invite people to join, but the ppl that sign up without an invite to be put into the que for approval.

@simon is this possible ?

It’s not currently possible. I can see how it could be useful for some sites though.

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