How to avoid potential issues when rebaking all posts?


Rebaking all posts is sometimes a recommended action for various reasons.

After my own experience of a rebake experience that raised issues and seen/foresee other potential others, I’d like to know how they can be avoided.

To circumvent certain of these issues, "Onebox Assistant", crawl for those previews reliably! could help, but not for all. For example, it couldn’t help me with Facebook previews.

What can be done to preserve existing oneboxed information during a rebake?


It feels to me that we need an enhancement to rebake, to be more careful

  • rate limit on selected sites or perhaps on all sites
  • inherit the original onebox if the refetch fails for any reason

In other words, I think we need a non-damaging rebake, at least as a selectable option.

(There will be some discourse communities who value an up to date 404, or who don’t value old posts at all, but there will also be communities which very much want to preserve old threads intact.)


Could this maybe be reworded and recategorised as a feature request?

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Is there any value at all in automatically re-fetching the contents of a tweet? I would be fine with rebake skipping fetching one boxed content again unless a box were ticked.


That’s a good thought - it’s more robust, and less likely to fall foul of rate-limiting trouble. Leave all oneboxes alone unless specified.

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Thanks for posting that. It could impact something I’m working on. Do you have any idea how many requests it takes to trigger the limit?

Looking at the YouTube API docs, it seems that they allow up to 10k GET requests per 24 hours, but this is for requests made with an API key: YouTube Data API Overview  |  Google Developers. It’s not clear to me how rate limits for unauthenticated API requests to pull in the video preview images are rate limited.

I don’t think there is a rate limit applied to videos being played via an iframe, but it would be good to confirm that: YouTube Player API Reference for iframe Embeds  |  YouTube API iFrame  |  Google Developers.

I don’t know.

I resolved the issue by using Onebox Assistant without any API. Just the plugin enabled. No idea how it resolved my problem. I don’t know either if it would work nowadays.

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