How to cancel auto-redirecting when serving a single instance on two domains

I have deployed discourse on two websites, and

When I put a link in posts in the website, and when I click on the link, I am auto directed to the .com conterpart.

I do not want the auto-direction to happen. Can anyone tell me how to set that?


I can’t tell on my phone.

You can look in the ssl template to see what adds the redirect and then add similar commands to remove it. I think that Setup Multisite Configuration with Let’s Encrypt and no Reverse Proxy removes the redirect.

We might be able to help better if we could see the actual URLs!

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Hello, I also encountered the issue of redirection when developing a bilingual website in both Chinese and English. For example, the URL of the English website is “,” and the URL of the Chinese website is “” When I click to navigate from the English website to the Chinese website, it automatically removes the “.cn” from the Chinese website URL and redirects to the English website “” I am greatly looking forward to your response.

My response above provides an example. Did you look there?

Of course, I referred to your response, but I still encountered such an issue.Perhaps there might be other reasons. Is there any other solution?

You can share your yml.

It’s possible that something has changed since those instructions were written