How to capture registration source

Hi there - I have a sales and marketing team driving registration to our community. Members are arriving at our “signup” lightbox from a number of personalized URLs. Therefore I have a two part question:

  • Can discourse signup page capture registration data as a hidden fields?
  • Can I add the registration data to the users profile? This would be hidden from user and only visible to admins.

How it works:

  • An ad appears from my community online
  • The destination URL includes UTM parameters for tracking: _?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=may_launch&utm_term=network%20automation_

I want the UTM data to pass to the user record:

  • Full name: Johny Appleseed
  • Email:
  • Registration source: Google
  • Registration source type: CPC
  • Ad campaign name: May Launch
  • Paid keyword: Network Automation

Discourse supports Google Tag Manager, and I’ve read that you can pass along UTM parameters to Google Tag Manager. but I’m not confident this will pass all the UTM data to the discourse user profile.

Has anyone done this or know of a simpler way? Capturing this data on the front end of user registration is important for me to measure the community’s contribution to our business.



That would take a plug in. If you’ve got a budget, let in #marketplace. If you want to do it yourself, there are topics about getting started.