How to change Discourse splash animation?

I want to replace the Discourse splash animation with the Pulse animation. (please check the animation in codepen)

How should I do it?

I don’t know but I would like to raise another point: if an user sees splash animation there is some bigger issues than how it looks. And when the googlebot sees it and gives a little bit better scores, it doesn’t care how it looks :wink:

My point is

  • how to change animation is not important
  • fix all issues why Discourse is answering so slowly is something that should fix (mostly on server level) and solution on that axel could need some support

I haven’t seen any splashes after… last two updates/upgrades. That means Disourse is now faster than earlier.

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The actual problem is not the server issue or else. I am from Sri Lanka. These days we are in a massive economic crisis. Due to the economic crisis, authorities are commencing powercuts because they cannot manage fuel powerplants. Due to these power cuts, telecommunication companies have degraded the speed of their internet services to save their battery power consumption. Therefore our Internet speed is too low these days.


This is the internet speed right now :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Well, the situation in Sri Lanka is bad indeed, Your case is an exception, if/when your main audience is from Sri Lanka too.

Hopefully someone can guide you to right direction. But AFAIK it can’t be changed easily, though.


Thanks mate. Let’s see how to do it.

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I don’t think it’s possible to edit from a theme, because it would involve editing an erb file; this one specifically: discourse/_discourse_splash.html.erb at e82a2ce9ae0a578476bc158dd45606ef337b5b19 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Since the splash screen loads before much of the Discourse app, I suspect it would be pretty complicated to make this customizable? @Johani is that accurate?


That’s correct :+1:

The splash loads before any core JS/CSS. The current implementation doesn’t focus on customization, but v2 will. The plan is to serve the splash image from localStorage for slightly increased performance and since it allows admins to set something custom via an inline <script> tag in the theme head_tag field.

There’s currently no ETA for this work, and it needs a bit of testing, but it’s planned.