How to change login settings without being logged in?

I have my discourse installation set with SSO, the problem is that the SSO system got replaced by a newer version and they shut down the old one, so I’m unable to login using the old system.

Totally my fault as I ignored the team that was nagging me to upgrade before.

As I’m unable to change the past, is there a way to reset the login configuration or update it via ssh to the docker instance or something like that? (ie without actually logging in via web)

I’d appreciate any help, and as for dummies as I can get it :wink:

The simplest method would be to log in via the admin backdoor (assuming you’re an admin) - go to /u/admin-login to access your site.

More details at Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso).


Awesome, I was able to log in via that URL



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