How to change the html code?

How to change the html code? I did not find it in the admin panel and the folder with the files

The admin panel is empty

What HTML code are you trying to change - have you tried going to Customize in the admin panel?

From there you can add in custom HTML/CSS


This admin panel its clear

This is where you can inject your own HTML - Discourse is coded in Ruby not HTML so you cannot amend the source files directly.

What is it you are trying to do?

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A little to change the design, some parts to remove, this can not be done?

You can inject code before <header> and after After Header the Header and before / inside the Footer

You can also add any script links or meta tags to </head>

All custom CSS can be placed in the “CSS Tab” Common / Desktop / Mobile

As far as I can see you cannot edit the default structure, maybe one of the devs can interject if that is not true.

Most things now can be altered/removed/added using CSS/JS trickery as long as your skills are up to the challenge :slight_smile:

It’s not just as simple as removing / changing some HTML coding though.

Have a read through the other categories such as #howto:tips-and-tricks or #plugin:theme

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How to delete thead?

I suggest you start learning some css if you want to start customising things :slight_smile:

To get you started - you could use:

thead {
display: none;

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