How to change the order of 'Suggested' and 'Related'?

I find the ‘Related’ section under the main topic really useful as it uses AI to recommend related topics. So the question is how to show ‘Related’ first, instead of ‘Suggested’?
BTW, I think these two terms are quite blurry.


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If you click on “Related”, it will be saved as your preference in your browser. The next time you visit any topic, “Related” will be selected by default. :+1:

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Thanks, I know that. The current question is how to make ‘Related’ default when a user visit for the first time?

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Oh, I see; your initial message was a bit unclear. :smile:

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no straightforward solution.
However, I can see a way to do it with a theme component. I will back to you later!


That would be better as an option under the DiscourseAI plugin.


Yes, of course! :smile:

This was my thought after looking at the Discourse AI source code (since it’s designed to allow this customization). I should have said it.

I wanted to provide an immediate solution, as it does not guarantee a setting will be implemented (even though it’s reasonable here!)