How to clear all historical statistics from dashboard

I cloned an existing forum I currently run on one domain in order to launch a nearly identical forum on a separate domain (and separate VPS). The existing forum has everything configured exactly the way I want it configured. I like the settings, all the tags (which took quite a bit of effort to get right), pinned topics, and categories. However, I want the new forum to launch without the topics, posts, and users that were present in the existing forum at the time of the image so that the new forum is actually “new”.

After launching my new forum with the image of the other, I was able to clear the topics, users, and everything that I did not want in my new forum. I am ready to begin on-boarding users, but I am still showing statistics in the dashboard from my original forum. How do I clear the statistics? Also, is there anything else I did not think of that should be cleared from the “back-end” in order to ensure a true “fresh” database? Once again, I am only interested in clearing the stastics (page views, etc).

I might add that since I deleted all of the topics from the original forum, some categories have negative numbers as their topic counts.


Just to follow up…there is apparently no solution to this problem, so I deleted just about everything and rebuilt it. That worked.



Sorry for only seeing this just now. For anyone else that hits this topic in the future, you should be able to take care of “resetting” a Discourse site using this list of destructive rake tasks.

Particularly relevant to this topic is: