How to customize the dashboard?

I would like to customize the dashboard but I don’t know how. In the dark mode, I have a contrast issue…

How can we access the canvas tag css?

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i figured how to access the CSS properties of the charts and make changes, but i am puzzled as to why it is doing this. i cannot repro this issue, and i am reluctant to do any CSS to override the properties right now until i know more about what is going on. :thinking:

i’m not even sure this is a color issue - it looks like the (red) chart plots are not being displayed for some reason.

have you looked at it in safe mode?

I found that. We can access the background of the graphics:

.dashboard .charts .chart-canvas, .dashboard-next .charts .chart-canvas {
  background: $gray-light;

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why are your plot line colors black? odd.

The line uses the tertiary color of the current color scheme.


doh, i was looking at this from a bug perspective rather than a dev question :woman_facepalming:

If you look very closely, the color @Joart used as tertiary was the same as the secondary (background) one, so the line was the same color as the background. But we can still “see” the dots overlapping the chart grid:

(I might have missed a lot of dots)

See Season 16 GIF by The Simpsons


i think you and Homer both have better eyesight than me :laughing:

The lines do not use my tertiary color :anguished:
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