How to delete files uploaded for the AI Persona

I was looking for a way to actually delete files that are uploaded to discourse for the AI Persona, but I didn’t see a way for it to be done.

I did find some code where the work appears to be started here: discourse-ai/config/routes.rb at 8b81ff45b8dadfdd489cf0f8a86621080dee2af3 · discourse/discourse-ai · GitHub but it doesn’t seem to be implemented at this time.

Are there plans to be able to manage the files that are uploaded to discourse? I did notice that I can remove the file from the Persona by using the PUT method, but the file is still actually stored in the database with no way to remove it as far as I can tell.


I’m curious about this as well. This seems to be quite a limitation in regard to making a rag persona. Bit I imagine that playing with the vector database is gonna make things real tricky