How to delete some sections from the sidebar

I made new sections of my sidebar menu via the

but the old sections was showing up too, and it confuses my members, how do I delete the old ones?

which old sections? does something like this work?


.sidebar-section[data-section-name="categories"] {
  display: none

also there is this:


can’t you just delete them the same way you made them?

or are you saying that publicly published sidebar sections (made by admins) persist once users start interacting with them in some way maybe and can’t be simply removed for everyone in that case?

it worked here, thanks a lot for showing me

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are the sessions that already exist (which already comes in the default discourse) I can’t change them or delete them, but now with the CSS code I can

so glad it worked. if it’s not obvious, you should be able to substitute the section name for “categories” to to hide other sections, i should have mentioned that actually. i just wasn’t sure what you wanted to hide specifically.


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