How to delete users, but keep their posts (even if users have multiple posts or 1 post)?

Many thanks to everyone who will help, I love Discourse, a forum platform I think is the best.

How to delete users (including anonymous or non-anonymous), but keep their posts, even if users have multiple posts or 1 post.

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Can you clarify a bit about what you are trying to achieve?

Do you want all the user data except for posts to be deleted, and posts to be only soft-deleted (kept in the database, not visible publicly)?

I believe if you delete a user, all the posts are soft-deleted. I tried on my test instance:

I don’t know if they are cleaned up after a while, and I believe attachments will be removed after some time.

I’d need confirmation on this. :slight_smile:

Thanks Panapin,
some of my users violate community rules. But they have some quality posts, so I want to keep posts, delete users (I also need to delete users in database)

Maybe anonymizing fits your needs


I want to delete these users in the database, to save Ram and CPU for the server.
If you change to an anonymous user, a new user will be created, thereby taking up ram, cpu

I’m fairly sure it won’t. User data outside posts is completely negligible.

Also, anonymizing a user doesn’t create a new user, it replaces the current one’s info.

You are looking at a problem that doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:


Thanks Coin-coin le Canapin and Moin. Thank you for supporting me

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