How to disable "add this web to home screen" popup with non standard browser?

When I access my forum in chrome on mobile, it shows pop up “add this web to home screen” every time I refresh or open new page. It disturbs a lot the users.
I want to disable it. Please help.

I don’t think that should happen every time. Are you on Android Chrome latest? Or maybe @falco has thoughts.

Yes, I am using latest chrome. Is it a new update for all discourse forum users?
Can I disable it?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

I just want to disable this popup.

Are you running stock Android Chrome and Android OS, what version? If you decline once, it should not ask you again as far as I know.

Thats ok but I want to disable it.

I have checked many forums (using discourse) but only my forum shows this popup.
Help me to disable it.

Is the native app install banner site configuration enabled?

How can I disable it?

But is it enabled? Check on

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It is already deselected.

This is not the Chrome browser. What is that?

In chrome we have:

If a user dismisses the banner, will it appear again?

No. Not unless the user clears their history. We want to make sure users have a good experience. We will likely be changing all the heuristics over time.


That is Redmi phone’s inbuilt browser. But there should be any option to disable it.

The standard behavior is to save a user dismiss, and never bother the user again. It’s the browser job, since we don’t ask the banner to appear in the first place.

We don’t support the Xiaomi browser on Android, and looks like it’s a good idea for users to switch.