Where is the prompt to download the mobile app on iPhone?

I know that users can manually “add to homescreen” from mobile browser.

Just curious if that prompt I saw a year ago is still a feature. Can it be enabled/disabled or reset?

Hi @haydenjames

This function is still available here in theme-component

Thanks. So it was removed or never exisited in self hosted default discourse?

I’m just trying to understand if there a settings change I can perform to make sure the prompt is seen like it used to. Or if it was removed or changed?

Hi @haydenjames

I would leave that answer to the team.

I’ve only come across this theme-component not so long ago myself to advise this will work for your needs :grin: as I use this haven’t got an ISO myself to understand why it needs to be separate to android.

It “needs to be seperate to Andoid”? I never heard of that either.

To my knowledge there was never this functionality for the iPhone. This is why I recently created the theme component.

I’m not aware of any previous functionality in core which was removed.

The iOS PWA has always been a bit of a neglected child due to the lack of notifications. The theme component linked above was developed in response to Apple finally implementing the feature.

Where are things at with moving it to core? It certainly seems like a vital part of the machinery, and would be brilliant to have it as a core feature.