How to disable all the emails sending by discourse?

I disable the preview digest, but today I received an email saying someone commented on a topic.

For now, I don’t want users to receive any email for now, other than the invitation email. How to disable?

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There is no guaranteed way to do this. We have the disable emails site setting, but that will disable all emails, invite included.

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It will also block them from recovering their accounts if they ever need to reset a password. Email is central to Discourse, it’s not really practical to use it without working email.

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My problem is, I put an invite HTML in the email style, this way, the same invite template is applicated for all the emails.

Therefore, doesn’t make sense other emails with this template, but the invite mail.

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What this option does? Custom email template and css are applied to summary emails.

Maybe have a look at https://yoursite/admin/site_settings/category/user_preferences?filter=notification and adjust these:

Also, maybe Optional global invite code will help you. But users still need to be able to receive verification and password reset emails, unless you use something like Google auth, maybe.

If this is for some trial/testing period and you do have Google (or similar) Authentication and the global invite thing would work for you, you could disable emails. But it wouldn’t be very nice.

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There are two user preferences that control what emails get sent to a user. The settings are found in the Emails section of the user’s preferences page:

The first setting in the screenshot controls when personal messages should be sent as an email. The second setting controls when emails to do with activity in a topic should get sent to a user. For your case you might want to set the second setting to “never”.

You can set site wide default values for these preferences. They are set by the default email messages level and default email level site settings.

Maybe there is another way to handle this. I’ll see if I can come up with something. It might require you to simplify the HTML that is currently being used in your invite email though.