How to disable api limits?

Hi, im trying to create a importer.
its written in php and using the discourse API.

Often it hits some limits or validators (Is this really a sentence? User Topic or Post limits 20 and so on).
How to disable all these validations and limits for my import?

For these 20 posts per day limits and so on i tried to set them to 0 in the backend, but when i do this, another limit resets it self from 0 to 20 again.

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I’d recommend that you instead use one of the existing import scripts and modify it for your needs. It will be 10-100 orders of magnitude faster. I wrote several importers before I learned Ruby.

You can find out about rate limits here: discourse/discourse_defaults.conf at 1f34f653bfb6ccb39a4f4f8085b07e9d94389e6f · discourse/discourse · GitHub and here: Available settings for global rate limits and throttling


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