How to disable HTML on the forum?

They are using HTML codes to expand the image for links and flood them, how do I ban them?

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[digite ou cole o código aqui](

they take my profile link and use html code to expand and flood the comments

You could try to change who has permission to post links in settings:

Make that a higher trust level or demote the offending users.

(and PS just to clarify, this is Markdown not HTML).


No use, they take other members profile image links (i.e. own website image link) and use HMTL to stretch

I’m not sure I understand what is going on there. If you change that setting it should be impossible for someone too “junior” to post a link and you will be greeted with an error message accordingly?

Are you saying they are uploading images?

Can you share the exact raw contents of an offending post?


Hey koliwi,

Do you mean that some users hide links inside pictures and that you want to prevent that behavior?


They take avatar links, example

and through this link they use HTML code to expand the image

* <img src="imagefile. jpg" alt="**Image**" height="42" width="42">

they spread the photo down and flodd the topic, so I wanted to disable the HTML

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As far as I know, there is no really a technical way to prevent this behavior.

Even using markdown, like:

my superb avatar

![my superb avatar|90x90](upload://cZjJN614rIiGdgdh2i4TRPmE79p.png)

You can change the dimensions like this:

![my superb avatar|1x500](upload://cZjJN614rIiGdgdh2i4TRPmE79p.png)

Here’s the result:

my superb avatar

That can be mitigated by lowering the max image height value in your admin settings, but it will affect ALL images, so it’s not something you want to set too low.

I’d suggest gently warning the users that this behavior is unwanted and that they could be silenced by moderators if they continue to post such images in the sole purpose of disrupting the posts layout.


@Canapin has imho the best solution. This is a situation where moderation is best.

Send them a dm with usung the Official Warning DM setting with the nessage advisung them to stop.

If they ignore the warning then proceed with Temp ban ie Silence.

I recommend first temp ban like 24 to 48 hours then next offence double the time out period.

Silence is best as it will allow the member to still logon just not post in public areas. This will allow them and your moderators to still communicate via DM. If the user is hostile you can then additionally give them a Suspension. Suspended user cannot logon. nIn my xp 24hours is usually sufficient to cool them off.

Suspensions do not alter a silenced period or vice versa. However a Suspension trumps a silence for restrictions.

These trolls will not stop with messages, if I send them this, they will laugh at me, there are several people who do this, if I delete it, others appear, in several shifts, they use multiple accounts with multiple different ips

i used this but the problem is it affects all other images :frowning:

Then go will full bans. Require new user to be approved.

Start examining email addresses used as they are likely using disposable emails. Add these to the blocked list in site settings. This will help to slow them down. Eventually most of these trolls.

Block list. Give me a moment or two and will post a ss from my live sute as it has quite a few in the list.

New user approval setting

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Here is my main live site. Unfortunately this is not a complete list as there many. but adding these in my ss will help. Simply google search an account’s @domain and usually it will tell you if it is disposable.

Search ip addresses as they are likely using vpns. if a vpn consider blocking them.

Your best tools are the ones that get to the root of the problem. The problem is not image uploading, the problem is bad actors are creating multiple accounts.

The one thing these type of people tend to crave is attention. Fortunately its easy to address this. These site settings are exactly what you need:

  • Staff must approve all new user accounts before they are allowed to access the site.

  • approve post count

It involves more work to manually check the email of new accounts but it’s usually easy to see if the email or ip is not organic. Err on the side of letting users in. Then you can manually check their first few posts.

This makes it a lot harder for someone to cause problems and almost always with no reward

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my blocked domain lists above was 1 user whom was brigading the site. After setting new user approval and checking email domain to see if disposable or not and searching if ip was from a vpn and blocking if true.

His relentless brigading stopped after 2 months. Was able to turn iff new user approvals and thus far haven’t had an issue since 2+years and counting. :grin:

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You can try using this plugin:

In short, it helps identify users using multiple accounts based on their software.


I’m not usually one for image responses, but in this case:

Fingerprinting will make the creation of alt accounts just hard enough as to deter most trolls.


thanks for all guys sss

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