How to disable right click,mouse selection, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + U for all users except Admin?

I am configuring Discourse for online novel writers group, they are asking me to prevent users to copy the contents using Right mouse click, Ctrl + C or Viewing page source by Ctrl + U. I already searched google and github but, I could not find any correct solution. Can anyone help me?

I don’t see this as being feasible. You may be able to prevent right click via some custom JS, but blocking copying would likely require blocking text selection, and Viewing page source is a browser function, no way to block it that I’m aware of. Even if you blocked right click and Ctrl + U, nothing stops a user from typing view-source: into their address bar.

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Thank you for your quick response. I know that we can’t prevent copying but Majority of the people here are not techie. Some people copying entire Novels and circulate it as PDFs so, authors demanding this feature.

There are other topics on this, with solutions in them. Try searching

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