How to download the whole html file of a post and all its replies?

Some of my important and secret discussions are hided by group permissions. I want to share one article and all its discussions which are also very important to my friend, while I don’t want to share other articles with him, so I cannot add him to the group.

That’s why I want to just download the html file of that post and all it’s replies.

But when I download the html, I find there only a few replies——you know, you have to scroll down to get the rest replies loaded. But when I scroll down to the end, this time, the html file only have the last few replies. :joy::joy::joy:

I want to show my friend the whole post and all its replies, how can I achieve this goal?


The Second Floor provides a fantastic solution, truly clean and simply layout. Thank you @xrav3nz .

Try Printing the topic, and save that as PDF instead of actually printing to paper.

This actually loads all the posts within the topic with a clean and simple layout. :wink:

… all the way to …