How to easily repost other html pages?

Discourse is based on Markdown we know, and some symbols in this editor has some special meaning. But we are not always “Writting Things” on the discourse community. Some time we just “Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V” some meterials or repost some pages. I fould it quite hard in discourse to do so.


  • Usually the html files has some ads or other useless meterials surrounding the main article. We don’t want to repost these meterials at the same time.
  • Ctrl+C Ctrl+V can only get the words mererials, not the pictures while pictures are very important.
  • Inserting pictures in Discourse, only support the pics already downloaded in the computer!!! Which requires us to insert them into the article one by one. It’s very slow and easily making errors.

Could you please help providing some methods to solve such problems?

Why would you want to copy & paste existing content instead of linking to it?


Good answer, I think that’s because I want people to read sth at the first glance, rather than going to another page. And if you have to download a MSword file before you read it, will you feel that “I’d rather not read it” ?.

This is generally what our oneboxes are for, with opengraph and oEmbed support. For example:

You get that by pasting in an url on a line by itself, like

This way it is simpler, just paste a link, and you will not run afoul of duplicate content penalties for it in Google.


Could you please show me the code how to realize OneBox feather.

Sure, the best rule is to have the target site support either

Once it supports that, add the domain of the site to the embed whitelist in Admin > Site Settings – then it will generate a onebox similar to the one you see above.


But, why not always taking effects. Many links just won’t appear in an OneBox, how can I just make it appear for any link?

Add those domains to the whitelist in Site Settings.

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