How to embed whole forum in another site

hi all,

really new to Discourse, so please forgive my stupid newbie question :wink:

I have a Discourse forum at

This is a part of the Wordpress site

All I want to do is grab the whole Discourse forum and embed it on a page under my normal Wordpress site header. I have the ability to embed whatever HTML, script etc I want under this on a dedicated page – I just need the code.

Is there a way to do this? This would go a long way towards making Discourse feel part of the rest of my site.




Personally I think you’ll find this more trouble than it’s worth. IMHO it would be far better to put that effort into HTML & CSS-based styling & customizations to match fonts, layouts, colors, etc., as well as header & footer HTML that can really make the Discourse site a matched complement to your main site.


That is a secondary viable option, of course, but I’d like to try the embed option first to use my existing site header :wink:

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Put your header on the Discourse site, trust me it will be way better.

If you really want to go foward with this madness try an iframe and see for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looking around at the various Discourse sites in existence, I am starting to get the picture that I may be trying to go down the wrong path :wink:


We have a fairly heavily integrated WordPress/Discourse instance here which might give you some inspiration. Happy to talk through the details if you like.


Can you describe your approach for integrating your Discourse forum with your WordPress site? It looks fantastic!

Thanks. :smile:

Commenting is using the wp-discourse plugin, and we have SSO through WP, so when new members sign up, they are pushed into the right priv groups on Discourse to match their membership level.

The Add Discussion button on the homepage pre-loads a new Discourse topic, and several functions pull new topics from certain categories and display them on the second row of the homepage.

We use CORS to display avatars and notifications on the home page, along with likes, views and comment counts.

Lastly, clicks across the homepage (WP articles or Discourse posts) and captured and logged in localStorage, so that we can utilise a click-count pop-up prompting people to join after reading x posts and I tweaked the CSS so that the base font and headers match, and that’s about it!


sidebar, what wordpress theme are you using?

I’m quite interested in making this work. We have a wordpress site that has specific functionality that we need above and beyond what discourse has.
It’d be nice if we could embed our discourse site on a “community” page of our wordpress site.
What steps would I take?

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Hello @HAWK do you know if there is there a Squarespace integration? - I am not looking for the full forum to be embeded…but would like some sort of “feed” or “teaser” or “ticker” of the newest post to appear on the Squarespace site.


Would love to know about this as well!

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I also need to embed the forum, I want to use my new discourse forum to replace my old forum on my application, it’s embedded in the UI overlay in my web UI and need to embed the whole thing.

My understanding is that it is not possible to fully embed Discourse in an iframe. That question has been asked and answered multiple times on this forum.

You can embed Discourse comments on your site. That can be done by following this guide: Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript, When comments are embedded, users will still need to visit the Discourse site to create a new comment.

There is also a new feature that allows you to embed a Discourse comment list on your site. There are details about that here: Embedding a list of Discourse Topics in another site.

The other option for getting Discourse content onto an external site is to use the Discourse API to pull data from Discourse. That is the approach that our WordPress plugin uses.