Embed Discourse forum in a Wordpress website

Hello everybody!

I have a running Discourse forum on a web server and a Wordpress website on a localhost. What I want to do is the following: I want to embed the forum in a page of my website. Every user registered within my website should be registered to the forum as well. I read somewhere a comment that this is not a good practice(embed the forum).Is that tru and why?

I already isnalled WP Discource plugin on the website and connected the forum with the website. But I need to know extacly how to display the cpontent of the forum on a page of the website.
I hope I explained at least a bit clear!!!

Any help will be mucha appreciated!
I am looking forward to your asners!

Make calls to the Discourse API from WordPress to get the content you need. There are some examples you can look at in the WP Discourse plugin for how to do that. Look at the lib/utilities.php file.