How to engage New users?

Hello, I want to engage new users coming on to my platform. Are there any known strategies or plugins that I can use to engage them on 1-1 level. The only data point that I have is their email ids.


You might consider starting a Welcome thread, or an Introduce Yourself thread.

Or one or two other threads which invite personal contributions, such Your Collection or Your (Funny) Stories or whatever fits the nature of the forum.

And you might consider keeping a State Of The Forum thread where you post now and again to comment on how many people have joined, which threads you’ve most enjoyed, and so on.

(Or State Of The Community, or whichever term works for your case.)


Discobot does this for you already if you have it enabled lol :sweat_smile:

you could also setup a new user topic (or category) like @Ed_S recommends. then also go to Admin-cutomize-text and edit the new user message template in system_messages.usage_tips.text_body_template to your needs with a link to a new user topic or category.


Here are some examples:

  • introduction threads to welcome new users
  • appealing designs so that the forum looks cool to new users
  • make sure to keep the community going

By the way: here is a related thread to help you:


Engage them in what way? Why are they coming to the community and what do you want them to do?

I’d recommend doing some reading over at


What ever you will do, don’t take that route.

For me isn’t totally clear now do you want

  • get new users
  • engage users you already have