Re-engagement campaigns for new users

We currently use a custom Welcome PM to get new users closer to their first post. It includes the introduction to our Intro Yourself sub-forum. The CTA/link to the sub-forum is prominently showcased in the Welcome PM. and it’s working very well. New users get that welcome PM upon registration, a high % read it, and many then go to the Intro Yourself sub forum to post.

Beyond that welcome PM, we haven’t systemized connecting with new users after that first touch point. We’d love to have an automatic PM sent at various intervals after registration, maybe after the 1st week, 1st month, and then so on.

We want to go beyond the welcome message, and start offering information/updates about popular topics and discussions that change weekly/monthly, but don’t want to add that to the welcome PM, as it could provide too many options to someone new.

Are any of you doing something like this manually now, maybe through a group PM, or maybe using a plugin to get it done? What other ways are you reconnecting with your new users (or any user group for that matter) beyond the Welcome PM?

We’ve doubled our average monthly new users since the start of the year, often getting several thousand new members each month. We already have a daily newsletter that discusses more than just the forums content (we write and host daily articles outside of Discourse), but we want something specific and built into the Forums.

Thanks for your thoughts!


This already sort of happens in default Discourse, though:

  • user will get an “attaboy” congratulations PM upon reaching trust level 1
  • user will get an “attaboy” congratulations PM upon reaching trust level 2
  • users who are absent from the site for a week will automatically get a digest email with the best and most interesting topics

On top of that, users always* get emailed when someone is speaking directly to them, that is via a quote, reply to their post, @name mention, etc.

* when they are not currently pinging the site from a web browser on any device, as we consider that double-notifying them.


Thanks for those thoughts. Yea, those could work at times, but I was looking for something a bit more personalized.

Also, we have users that can take a while to reach TL 2. TL1 is not so much a problem.



@joffreyjaffeux was working on some automation stuff a while back that could be used for this kind of thing. I’m not sure where that ended up though. Maybe he can comment.


Yes it works, I juste have to build a recurring choice UI which is the most likely to be needed but slightly involved to do. That use case could be done for sure.