How to Export Comments Under A Specific Post

As we know this site ( is able to export all comments of a post, is it possible for Discourse?

What do you mean by “exporting comments under a specific post”?

Discourse has the concept of Topics and Topics are made up of Posts.

Are you asking about how to migrate Comments from one platform, to Posts in Discourse?

There are a whole load of guides on migration here: Topics tagged migration

You can pick the one for the specific platform you are trying to migrate to Discourse … guides exist for most of the main platforms.

If it’s about getting at all the Posts from a single Topic, you could try:

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Hi, Robert, thanks so much for your reply. The reason why I ask this it is because, if one day we use our forum to do give away such the Lords Mobile Game do giveaway on Instagram, Login • Instagram the post has 1146 comments, i want to export all 1146 comments, then i can pick up some winners based on their comments, so i am asking if it is possible to have a tool to export all the comments line by line.

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Try the raw format as posted above? Or just use data explorer as I’ve suggested?

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