How to extend "about category" to more than a paragraph


Some of our “about this category” topics needs break point. e.g. in one of them we need to use list. but then only the first list item is shown in the category page.

How can we let it be more than only one <p> ?

Remember that the small description is also used on the category dropdown on the New Topic composer, a list there would break the layout.

If you need a list, just use plain old commas like:

“Discuss here about stuff, things, foo, bar, baz, qux, quux, quuz, corge, grault, garply, waldo, fred, plugh, xyzzy, and thud.”


yep, I hadn’t noticed this.

then I assume there’s no straight forward way to have a longer/list-able description for the category in the category page as well as the short description of the category in the dropdown menu or the category page.

we need a way to communicate with users in each category page, and the short description don’t handle it very good.

e.g. our needs comes from something like this:

category name: feedback

category short description: your feedbacks helps us build a better community.

category long description:
It contains 3-4 segments:

  • why would your feedbacks are necessary?
  • which parts may need your feedback?
  • our timescale to resolve them.

p.s.: I just noticed that here in meta, admins used pinned topic to do the long version of communication, it’ll work but since pinned topic are not very visible I’m still interested to see if there can be a better way.

A possible solution: add a link Read more… that points into the About this category -message into the first paragraph of the About-message. Write more paragraphs to the post.