How to fetch all users JSON from /users page?

(Anton) #1

I’m trying this:


But nothing is returned.
Is there a way to get the users JSON from a page like this:
… with ordering and period parameters available.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is a howto topic on reverse engineering the API using the F12 key in your browser, I suggest referring to that. All data you see on screen in Discourse, is always retrieved via JSON.

(Robin Ward) #3

Would exporting the users in the admin section not work for you?

(Anton) #4

In my particular case, I’d like to show “TOP X” users with various ordering dynamically on my blog pages. The blog is a website complementing the forum. For example:

  • Top 10 visitors this week
  • Top 10 most liked contributors this month

(Kane York) #5

In that case, the developer console network tab is the way to go. Click until it’s sorted the way you want it displayed, and look at the parameters for the last request.