How to find all your own posts in a discussion?

We have a very popular discussion called ‘What’s for Dinner’ that has a new topic every month. All of these topics are tagged with the #wfd tag.

Two problems:

  1. An active user was looking for his/her own WFD posts to find something. However only a small subset of her posts appeared as the result.
  2. Despite sorting results by “Latest,” they are mixed up in chronology.

Here is the search the user used - by user, discussion (cooking) and tag (wfd) - only 3 Sep posts appear, and a smattering from prior months:

Here are the results when the user just searched in the Sep thread - the order is mixed up despite sorting by “Latest”

here the user filtered for posts AFTER Sep 15, and you can see the results include Sep 7 and so on:

Question for the group, what is the ‘proper’ way to search in the way the user intended? Or is this a form of quirk with the embedded search engine?

OK, I narrow down the problem a bit more. The user post multiple times in these monthly discussions. When the user searches by user (herself) and by the tag used in the discussion, the search result only returns the latest post by her in each of these monthly discussions.

Is there any way to return all the posts by her in each of these monthly discussions?

The 2nd and 3rd problems seem to have corrected itself over the period of a few days, oddly.

Enter the discussion and search for @me within that particular topic.