How to find my replies that didn't get a reply?

Is there a way to get my replies (answers to posts) that didn’t get a reply after that?

As moderator in a dev (support) forum, I am sometimes more a triage bot that asks people for clarification, missing data, etc. Now some people seem to think it is ok to just ignore these and I want to see how many there are.

Is there a way to find my replies that I wrote in topics and that didn’t get a reply?
Maybe even with an additional filter of “2 posts in topic” to get those where only the initial topic post and mine exist?

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Check out the data explorer plugin.

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You can use the ?max_posts=1 query too.

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Aha! I looked too quickly on the advanced search page. I now see “min post count”, which might have been enough for me to infer your solution.

Sorry, seems my title and question were not clear enough. I edited both

max_posts works great to find posts that didn’t get any or enough replies.
I am really looking for a way to find my posts where I replied to someone, and this reply is the last post in the topic.

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Oh, that would have to be done via the Data Explorer Plugin.

This might get you there (replace my username with your own).

SELECT u.username,, t.posts_count, p.post_number FROM topics AS t 
  LEFT JOIN posts AS p ON = p.topic_id AND t.posts_count = p.post_number
  LEFT JOIN users AS u ON p.user_id =
  WHERE u.username = 'cpradio'

It is grabbing the posts that have a post_number the same value as the posts_count for the topic (thus the last post), and then checking that the username on that post is ‘cpradio’

last-reply.dcquery.json (363 Bytes)


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