How to get an RSS feed for either a complex search or a category-and-tag combination

Hi everyone … new to the forum here, pretty new to Discourse. Fabulous product, working to configure it for a reasonably complex use case, as follows.

Discourse will underpin a central forum across multiple wider communities (specifically, cities in Ireland); these are main categories in Discourse.

Each city/category in turn has multiple subcategories. Not surprisingly, a given tag may span multiple subcategories. Each city also has an associated website, where the most recent city-specific conversations are shared via RSS feeds. Different feeds are shown on different site pages, organised by category & tag.

I can get RSS feeds by category, or by tag, but not by both. Is it possible to retrieve an RSS feed from a category-and-tag combination?

I’ve tried appending “.rss” to both a) complex searches and b) UI navigation by category-and-tag - but neither approach gives me an RSS feed. (Ie these following URLs work … but adding “.rss” to either doesn’t give me an RSS feed.)


Any way past this? I have read a lot of the rss-related articles, but none seem to help. Thanks in advance!

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OOh… I’ve just discovered I can get a .json feed by appending .json … eg

I could probably able to get to a workable solution with this but I’d still love to use RSS if possible … help much appreciated if possible, thanks again in advance!


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