How to get email notifications when new users have signed up?

In the initial days of our forum, it is important to provide a better experience for the new users. We would love to engage with the new users as soon as they sign up (there are no user approvals here).

To do the above step, it is important to get notified in email about a new user signup (may be for a large forum, this can be disabled) as it is not practical to visit new users page everyday.

I couldnt clearly find out whether this feature is present or not. I saw the below thread which is discussed 4 years back and closed.

Please let me know how to achieve this email notification.

what they were using in the other topic was the setting

**must approve users**

Staff must approve all new user accounts before they are allowed to access the site.

This will then send you an email reminder in order to approve the accounts

Thanks @mikechristopher.

But our community has no approvals. Email notifications are still required for enhancing user experience as explained above.

There is a method discussed here using Zapier to generate an email.

Sending a PM to admins with a setting to turn it off would be nice.

Otherwise you just have to review the dashboard at admin>users>list>new>created.

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beat me to it @scombs that was my next recommendation in that you could use zapier in order to webhook upon user event so when they are created you could get it to send you an email. However I had an issue with the webhook working upon creation and only worked upon user update. I believe this was something that @fantasticfears was looking at as per this topic (not sure if it was that issue or the email issue that was being referred to)

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Thanks @scombs @mikechristopher. This seems to be a better option to try.

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Or you could just visit Admin, Users, New tab once every day and check their Messages to see if anyone sent them an individual welcome message. If you haven’t sent them a message, send it.

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FYI - I went looking for this functionality today and it looks like there’s still no solution for this request, other than the workaround to vist the Admin, Users, New tab and manually review new users.

The Discourse Webhook “User Event” for Zapier will trigger when a user logs in, logs out, is created, approved or updated - not just created - so that solution is too noisy for a simple new user email notification.


This is a must have feature please. Great software should have it.

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agree that this would be a really useful feature

I agree too. Everything else is great! This use case is vital for a private community where the admins are not moderators & reciprocally. Please add the feature. Alternative, is to create a post somewhere visible by all saying, “user xyz has joined the forum, please join me in welcoming him!”.

The general concern I have here is that this is making “system” create noise posts.

One alternative is using Discourse Policy to define a “policy” that applies to say TL0 in a tiny community, reminding them to post an “about me” topic.

I feel that getting System to do all the work here kind of detracts from the “Introduce yourself” aspect here where welcomes are far more personal.

There are a bunch of other options here, including unlocking a section of reviewable users (in our new reviewable system by @eviltrout) to a wider audience, so anyone say TL1 and up can “review” the new users and do the needful of saying hello and starting a conversation.

I totally get the underlying problem that, signing up is easy, making people say hello is hard.


Hi, is it still the case that an administrator has no straightforward way to be notified by email when a new user signs up needing approval? My very small forum gets a post a month, maybe - I certainly don’t want to have to sign in myself and manually check for new signups every day if there is nothing to otherwise sign in for… and I obviously don’t want new users waiting a month to be approved! Very unlikely to improve usage that way.
Surely administrator notifications would be pretty fundamental ? If not implemented, this may be a deal breaker for Discourse as my new forum.

In answer to my own question, further reading suggests adding moderator access to the admin user account might do the trick…

If you like the approach Jeff shared, using “Tab Snooze” is a quick and free way to automate what he suggested :arrow_up:

  1. Using a chrome browser, click the link below and install Tab Snooze
  2. Visit your forum instance https://YOUR_FORUM_URL/admin/users/list/new
  3. Click the newly added🌜moon (Tab Snooze) icon, next to your URL address bar
  4. Choose the “Repeatedly” option
  5. Then select your cadence (i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.) and time/days of wk
  6. That’s it! This tab will open up for you, every day, so you can check up on your list of new users!

Check out the plugin here:


Can you point me to more information on this?

I’d like to create a group, let’s call it “greeters”, and give them a way to see new users…


Sadly, the review queue “unlocks” the ability to do things (for example we have category moderator support now). But some features like saying “group X” are allowed to review new users is not something we have built yet.