Notification of new users joining

Is there a way to get notified when new users join?


Two ways you can do it either enable approval of new users.

Or set up a zapier workflow to email upon new user via a webhook


Hi @mikechristopher
Thanks for your response.

I don’t need to approve new people though. I just want to get a notification when someone joins.
I know I can go to dashboard - new users to see new people who’ve joined. But I would rather get a notification.

Any ideas there?

That was an either/or - you can configure the user webhook to trigger when a user is added/changed without requiring approval of new users.


as @supermathie beat me to it -

If you want it without approval there is no native way within discourse to do so. Follow the Zapier webook link in my last post and will help set up a workflow in which will send you an email :slight_smile:


What I’m currently doing in order to check any new signups (and total forum user count) on my forum is using the link yourdiscourseforum(.)com plus /users. So you visit yourdiscourseforum(.)com/users. Additionally I bookmark this url on my iPhone in order to check up on my forum user stats when I’m away from my pc.

Getting an e-mail notification seems great if your getting a “reasonable” amount of new signups per day, so not in the hundreds. What I would prefer to see is a weekly update/stats report about your forum being automatically emailed to you.

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I’ve set the webhook up but it’s emailing more for every change of a persons account so whether they sign up, delete account etc. Is there a way of restricting the User Event to just a signup?

I believe that you either need a plugin or to have wherever you are calling do the filtering.


You might check out


There is no need for a plugin, just filter the webhook event type for only user created.

Read the whole guide, it shows exactly this Discourse Webhooks and Zapier


The problem that I think I understand, though, is that Zapier charges more to filter those calls and also counts each of those unnecessary calls against how much you have used it

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