How to get reports for just a specific category?

I want to pull reports for just one category. How to do?

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Many of the reports that are on your /admin/dashboard/reports page allow the results to be filtered by category. The reports that can be filtered by category will have a category dropdown menu that defaults to “All categories.” You can select a specific category from the dropdown to get results for a single category:



Great reply. Which reports allow for the category filter?

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There’s no easy way to query the database to see which reports have a category filter. If there are reports that don’t have a category filter that you think should include the filter, let us know.

One thing to note about the reports is that they are intended to provide data that will be useful for most sites. If you have specific requirements for data that is not being returned by the dashboard reports, you can use the Data Explorer plugin to get the data.

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I want to be able to get insights into categories (subsets) as much as I can for the overall community (macro). As above, so below. That’s the need. So anything you can see for the whole community you should be able to see for a subset.

I’m a little perplexed as to how to reply more constructively. This is a meta I expected to exist and feel a little confused that it might not.

Surely people need to do this all the time?

I have been looking for this too- I have a category for Spanish language discussions and my facilitator is curious about who is reading content.

The only way to find out which reports have filters fo category is to click through them all - so far I have found the ones with this feature include:

  • Posts
  • Post Edits
  • Bookmarks
  • Likes

e.g. all the things users do to interact with a post. I cannot find anything that lets me understand traffic within a category

I’ll throw my hat in here. I’d love to either see it in the default dashboard or be able to create my own on a macro/micro level as well.

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