How to get this new topic map that shows 'likes' first of all others

I’ve seen above topic map on meta. Also, in this case, much of this type of user’s info is shown under last post of the same topic, also (last post of the topics on my forum doesn’t show this)::>

After a lot of search/research on Meta, I thought that may be by using the Ai Topic Summary Plugin I’ll get the same functionality.

But may be something is missing in my settings, which is stopping me to have this type of topic map. My settings:

Can someone pls guide?

The new topic map is a design-experiment

So at the moment you cannot configure that for your forum.


The AI Topic Summary Plugin does not have any affect whatsoever on the “official” Topic Summary :slight_smile:

It has its own special box for the summary and you can also get it to automatically tag your Topic.


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